Sheila’s Preferred Vendor List

Click here to open printable pdf of Sheila’s Preferred Vendor Services for The Woodlands/Spring, TX.  Right click on document to print.  If you need a referral for something not listed, please contact Sheila Dowell 281 364-4838


Sheila’s Preferred Vendor List for The Woodlands / Spring, Texas


Sheila Dowell has spent the past 20 years selling homes in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas areas.  She is a great source of information for any questions you may have regarding your home.  Should I update?  If so, what updates will add the most value to my home?  Do you know who I should call for new tile in our master bath?  Do you know anyone who installs granite counters?  When will be the best time to put our home on the market this year?  You can reach Sheila by calling (281) 364-4838 or (713) 594-7391.

Attached is “Sheila’s Preferred Vendor List” to reference for your convenience.  Be sure to bookmark this page or click on the link to print the pdf file for your your records. 

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